Hi, I'm Madeleine.

I’m a digital product designer with a love for accessible, detail-driven design. Contrary to this illustration, I'm a generally un-angry person.


Hi, I'm Sadeleine.

I’m a graduating senior who spends a lot of time debugging code. I get sulky when I'm told my job is to "make things look pretty."


Hi, I'm Gladeleine.

I'm a digital tinkerer with a love for design that provokes laughter. Things that fill me with joy: inclusive design & dogs in socks.


Hi, I'm Badeleine.

I'm a conspirer learning the rules of design so I can thoughtfully break them. Designers challenge society to re-think what is possible.


These are some problems I've been thinking about

About Me

This is a picture from that one time I went outside.

I’m Madeleine Lee, a design student at Yale. I’m looking for a full-time opportunity with a bold, design-driven team after I graduate in May.

This summer I worked at IBM as the primary UX designer for IBM Aspera Streaming for Video, which recently launched at the International Broadcasting Convention and won Best in Show!

Over the past few years I've guided web /mobile design for Yale Emergency Med, RAMP, and Snackpass (Y Combinator ’18).

I’m from sunny, debt-ridden LA, where I spend my time downloading increasingly obscure fonts, yelling expletives at my code, & writing novels that never get finished.

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